Merril Hoge

Merril Hoge played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1987 to 1993 and led the team in rushing and receiving in four of his seven years. He was the Steelers’ Iron Man of the Year two consecutive seasons and was named to the All-Madden team in 1989. Hoge then went to the Chicago Bears where he played for two years, until he was forced to retire early due to post-concussion syndrome. He has been a long-time co-captain of the very successful Caring Team for Children.

                  You are what you repetitively do.  — Merril Hoge

In his new book, Find a Way: Three Words That Changed My Life, Hoge shares the story of his life and career, and how at the age of 12, he decided he was going to make it to the NFL, and never gave up on that dream. With every obstacle that came his way, whether it was Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, head injuries, or the death of his mother, he returned to his childhood motto, “FIND A WAY.”

Hoge is a highly sought-after sports speaker, addressing topics such as life in the NFL, health and fitness, and how one should set and attain their personal goals. A cancer survivor, Hoge has also become an inspiring motivational speaker, delivering an awe-inspiring presentation about overcoming obstacles, the power of the mind and the body, and how to use adversity to become a better person.


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